GPI Outdoor Designs is an amazing company....

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GPI Outdoor Designs is an amazing company to work with and helped make our school's dream playground a reality.  After some exhausting weeks of volunteer efforts to install the play structure, Angela, Curtis and their team arrived to provide some much needed reassurance and support that the final phase of our project would be completed on time and beautifully.   We discovered that we were in expert hands to have the remaining benches and picnic tables put in place and rubber play surface expertly installed.  GPI truly cares about their work, and their customers feedback and experience.  GPI goes above and beyond, as this project was a labour of love for the school, one of years of fundraising and a memorial for a student. The GPI team have amazing vision and created a space that exceeded our expectations.  We would highly recommend GPI for any playground or sports court project.

                                                                                               - ECPS

Angela and her team at GPI are nothing short of miracle workers ...

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Angela and her team at GPI are nothing short of miracle workers. From the moment they heard about our project, they were ready, willing and more than able to help make our dreams a reality. Everyone cares deeply about their role within the company and take the time to meet and discuss options and were unbelievably flexible and accommodating throughout. Rarely do you see the owner of a company on site supporting and participating to this degree; Angela was there from the beginning to the grand opening of our playground. We are so thankful for Angela and her team in helping making this special project even more memorable.

                                                                                           - T.G.

I have been dealing with

GPI Outdoor Designs ....

Construction Worker

I have been dealing with GPI Outdoor Designs for the last year and a half in different capacities.

Such as rubber surface and playground installations and we love the quality of the work and the professionalism.  Everything was well planned and was done on time with no issues.

                                                                                 - C.V.